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First post

So I’ve created this blog because I had nothing better to do. So here it is. Hopefully I will fill it with random stuff over time. The blog uses a custom blog engine, because I didn’t like any of existing blog engines… It’s called blotig. I’ll upload it to github someday, but currently it’s a bit messy. It’s an unusual engine, because it stores everything in git, even comments. No need for disqus. The other speciality is the multilang nature, every post is available in English or Hungarian, or both. You can change language in the upper right corner if you happen to know Hungarian, but your browser language settings are incorrect. This multilingualism is also true for comments. (I should write some Javascript that hides the non default language util you click a button…)

The blog currently lacks some essential features, like RSS feed, tags, etc. But it has a nice design (if you think it’s ugly, leave now!). It may be a bit too black, I might add a power button, like on Compass’ homepage.

That’s all for now folks, you can comment below. You can use HTML and Markdown, if sanitize allows it. If not, you suck. And no, there’s no edit button. But I can git revert it. Or git rebase --interactive it. And for the script kiddies out there, have fun searching for sqli